A 5 year, 10 year or 15 year WONDERCOAT guarantee is issued on the completion of all coating work completed by ourselves. Based on general world wide experience on similar products, it is reasonable to expect a total life span of 15 - 20 years.

Material Properties


Whilst Wondercoat cures to a very hard surface, it simultaneously maintains a carefully pre-formulated elasticity in order that it may bridge subsequently hair-line cracking in the substrate.

Material Properties

Water resistance

Wondercoat acts as an osmotic membrane, whilst being completely waterproof on the outside, it allows any dampness from within the wall to escape as vapour.

Material Properties


Each ingredient is carefully scrutinised, tested and approved prior to mixing, in order to ensure the highest quality for our rigorous and diverse climatic conditions.
Wondercoat has a one way action by allowing any moisture, which may be in the substrate to “breath” through the treated surface and through the Permatex coating.

Step One

Surfaces will be cleaned before commencement.

Step Two

Preparation of the surface is accomplished by applying a suitable water or solvent-based bitumen primer which must be allowed to dry.

Step Three

The first roll is laid at the lowest part of the surface perpendicular to the direction of the slope.

Step Four

The membrane is heated with a gas torch, melting the polyethylene protective coating but without overheating the bitumen surface. It is then bonded to the substrate by applying downward pressure.

Step Five

The transverse overlaps of rolls should be approximately 10mm, with longitudinal overlaps of approximately 15mm. Such overlaps are “soldered” by partial fusion of membranes using the blunt, rounded end of a hot trowel.

Step Six

Great care is taken to ensure total adhesion to the underlying substrate. Any areas that are not properly fused can result in underlying air pockets which will expand and contract with the temperature variations and subsequently result in damage of the membrane. They will also facilitate the movement of moisture beneath the membrane causing difficulty in accurately pinpointing any leaks.

Step Seven

Once applied, the membrane is coated with two coats of bitumen aluminium paint to provide UV protection to the surface. Such protection should be renewed.

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