Damp Proofing Services

The building up of moisture in your house damages property like clothes and furniture. This can dampen your health and your wallet. Damp proofing in modern times is a necessity for houses in a sense that it helps save on repairs and improves quality of life. Should one be looking to sell their abode, it would be difficult or have a negative impact on the price of the dwelling due to damp walls. The signs of damping are:

- Damp and musty smell

- Mold or mildew forming on walls

- Staining of wall coverings

- Peeling wallpaper and blistering paint

 - Dark patches and damp walls

- Discoloration and fragmenting plaster

- Decay of timber by wood rotting fungi or presence of wood-boring weevils

Things like built in cupboards begin to mould because the damp. To prevent this from happening damp proofing is the solitary solution as it bars moisture from seeping into cracks. This process is basic water proofing is adapted into the foundation of the wall to help guard your internal and external walls. To cut high medical bills due to frequent visits to the doctor for respiratory problems caused moulds, rather have your home damp proofed. This will affect your well being in positive way.

Damp proofing can ensure you get to breathe in a dry environment which can help curb things like asthma and other chest related ailments. Your life can improve drastically due to damp proofing because you don’t have to spend large sums of money on renovations or rebuilds and buying material to replace damaged bricks or such. In short it is just a cost effective exercise. It also gives you stability in that you do not have to worry the quality of your residence. Damp proofing can buy you peace of mind.

Damp is said to invite pests and no one likes inviting those expensive pest control companies to exterminate mice, cockroaches or both. The best solution to debug your life from such parasitical troubles is proof your house. At Wondercoat Wall & Roof Coating we are seasoned experts in all things damp proofing. Contact for a better quality of life, for you and your family.


A 5 year, 10 year or 15 year WONDERCOAT guarantee is issued on the completion of all coating work completed by ourselves. Based on general world wide experience on similar products, it is reasonable to expect a total life span of 15 - 20 years.

Material Properties


Whilst Wondercoat cures to a very hard surface, it simultaneously maintains a carefully pre-formulated elasticity in order that it may bridge subsequently hair-line cracking in the substrate.

Material Properties

Water resistance

Wondercoat acts as an osmotic membrane, whilst being completely waterproof on the outside, it allows any dampness from within the wall to escape as vapour.

Material Properties


Each ingredient is carefully scrutinised, tested and approved prior to mixing, in order to ensure the highest quality for our rigorous and diverse climatic conditions.
Wondercoat has a one way action by allowing any moisture, which may be in the substrate to “breath” through the treated surface and through the Permatex coating.

Dampproofing: Tanking - (Rising and lateral damp) - (Injection where needed only)

Step One

All damaged plaster will be chopped away and removed to bare brick. (The height of plaster to be removed will be determined by the height of rising damp +/- 300 mm above the contaminated plaster).

Step Two

Holes will be drilled 180mm deep and 120mm apart into existing mortar between external floor level brick work, where required.

Step Three

The holes are then injected with either Dry Zone cream or Microsilon creating a new chemical dampproof course (d.p.c) the holes are then plugged.

Step Four

Treat all exposed brick work in accordance with safeguard tanking specifications (SWS slurry mixed with Bondaid plus, a waterproofing additive and bonding agent 1:4) utilizing a two coat brush application, horizontally and vertically. This will create a damproof barrier and at the same time extracting the moisture from the brick work, protecting it from any further lateral damp.

Step Five

Re-plaster areas in accordance with safeguard specification using Rendergold Gold (Salt retardant and waterproofing agent) using a mixture 3:1 by volume, sand and cement plaster mix creating further protection. Plaster work will be matched as best as possible.

Step Six

Re-painting should follow +/- 6 weeks after completion or as soon as plaster work has sufficiently dried. (To be tested with moisture meter).

Step Seven

It is always recommended to use a high grade exterior coating system (e.g. Wondercoat) that will be able to withstand the high alkalinity of such a plaster and in addition be tolerant of the moisture and chemical present in the interface.

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