Wondercoat's Painting Gesture on Nelson Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela’s life has been a true inspiration to the world, and Mandela Day is all about changing the world for the better. The celebration of Mandela Day aims to serve as a global call to action for people to recognize their individual power to make an imprint and help change the world around them for the better. Likewise, Wondercoat did their bit for Mandela Day on the 18th of July.

As industry specialists in all coating solutions, we decided to put our skills to good use for the benefit of our community. Yeoville Community School is a state primary school situated in Yeoville, Johannesburg. We noticed that the school buildings were now in a state of dilapidation and needed some repair and repainting to bring back the structure to it’s former glory.

The Wondercoat team got into their work gear and demonstrated a profound team spirit as they removed loose and flanking paint, repair holes and cracks, and then apply 2 coats of Wondercoat coating. We really felt honored to show corporate responsibility and do something good for our community; a culture we continuously endeavor to instill in the Wondercoat family. We have dedicated ourselves as a company to honor the Mandiba Day vision and uphold the principle objectives thereof.